BI and Data Analytics


Business intelligence is the use of data to help make business decisions and Data analytics is how you get to business intelligence. In this way, analyzing data is the question-answering phase leading up to the decision making phase in the overall scheme of business intelligence.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a way to reveal actionable insights in your data, find out what happened, and then explore why it happened.  These insights can be used to chart or change the path of your business.

When you understand the ‘why,’ it becomes simple to identify the factors in your business that are lifting you up, or holding you back.

The tools and technology of BI give you the power to rapidly collect, organize, and analyze your data. From there, you can infuse the insights gained back into your business, and dramatically improve your results.

Srushti Team can help you Choose and Implement BI Solution using both Leading BI products and Open source technology solutions.

Data Analytics

For an organization to transform in this digital era, it needs to build its transformation model around the key asset ‘Data’. Data and Analytics has become the core DNA around which the enterprises are transforming themselves.

Srushti Team can  help our customers derive competitive advantage by generating actionable insights from their Data – from large-scale digital transformation programs to smaller sandbox business analytics initiatives, we help all in becoming a truly data driven organization.

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